Friday, April 27, 2012

April Carnival of Children's Literature

The word carnival conjures up images of ferris wheels, flying swings, clowns and cotton candy.  A smattering of everything possible all in one place.  I love definitions.  So I couldn't help myself from looking up "carnival" - my favorite definition being "an instance of merrymaking or feasting." 

As I have read through the posts for this month's Carnival of Children's Literature that definition is certainly fitting.  There are books galore to be feasted upon and enjoyed - from picture books to author interviews to non-fiction and beyond.  There are many great books and authors to be found.  And since April is National Poetry Month don't forget to peruse the poetry section to celebrate the poem.  

Enjoy this month's Carnival . . . without the regret of too much cotton candy.   

Book Projects
 - Zoe from Playing by the book is starting a new monthly round up of children's book reviews by topic: "I'm looking for a book about..." and would like to invite all bloggers to consider contributing. It will work like a carnival, but be topic based. Old posts welcome.           
- Susan from The Book Chook shares various activities to share with children in order to celebrate Children's Book Week.  
Early Literacy
- Jeff from NC Teacher Stuff reviews How to Be Friends with a Dragon -  an adorable picture book perfect for bedtime or a classroom read aloud.            
- Lisa from Adventures in Writing & Publishing posts a series on school author visits: planning, scheduling, offering value, etc.            
- Anastasia from Booktalking highlights 5 great books for new readers for Mother's Day.            
- Lynn from Make Writing Visible has a video "Reading & Writing WORD PICTURES" for you to show to students and then have them practice the skill with the handout.            
- Mindy from the Proper Noun Blog features her latest post in her Picture Book Preschool series that features books and activities exploring early literacy.  This month it's all about symmetry!                      
- Erik from Kid Book Ratings writes a post for any Curious George fans out there who are interested in his origin. 
- Maeve from Yellow Brick Reads posts a detailed analysis of the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy.           
- Jennifer from Jean Little Library reviews Island Horse by Susan Hughes.            
- Jen from Jen Robinson's Book Page blogs about How Many Jelly Beans - a bright, bold number book, with a delightful surprise at the end.
- Kate posts her second annual Pistachio Awards over at the Book Aunt.           
- Jen from Perogies & Gyoza reviews Laundry Day – a historical fiction picture book she wants everyone to know about! Fiction           
-Margo from The Fourth Musketeer reviews Never Fall Down - a riveting young-adult novel based on the Cambodian Killing Fields Genocide.  For those teens obsessed with The Hunger Games, why not give them a true story of a totalitarian regime to think about.              
-At Read, Write, Repeat Pat’s guest host Vince offers a cat-tastic review of Joanne Rocklin's THE FIVE LIVES OF OUR CAT, ZOOK.           
- Julie from Write Up My Life reviews Too Many Frogs – a darling picture book.
-Lisa from Shelf-employed features her most current Picture Book Roundup, a regular feature highlighting recently released picture books.
- Ali of Literary Lunchbox highlights Small as an Elephant - a wonderfully written MG novel about a boy coping with responsibilities beyond his years.

- Polly from The Little Wooden Horse reviews a delicious new picture book- Martha and her bunny brothers by Clara Vulliamy an account of adventures in learning to draw Martha on iPads.

- Tarie of Into the Wardrobe interviews author Sue Fliess about her latest picture book.             
- At Gathering Books, Myra interviews award-winning-novelist-in-verse Margarita Engle as she talks about her latest novel "The Wild Book" – a perfect fit for Poetry Month.            
- Augusta from AScattergood interviews Caroline Starr Rose, the author of a fabulous new novel-in-verse. She describes her writing process, just in time for Poetry Month.
- Jone from Deo Writer posts an interview featuring poet, Renee LaTulippe. 

- Shirley over at SimplyScience reviews Animal Homes a book that explores the variety of homes found around the world and why animals live there.           
-Louise features an incredible book entitled Flood at A Strong Belief in Wicker. She says it is a moving account to help children deal with the trauma of floods.

- Carmela at Teaching Authors has April Halprin Wayland help celebrate their 3rd blogiversary with a poem and announces a special giveaway.
- Susan over at Susan Taylor Brown features Kick the Poetry Can'ts  -  a month long adventure, making poetry less scary and getting more people to try writing a poem of their own.
- In honor of National Poetry Month, Jeanette of  SpeakWell, ReadWell introduces her students to Jane Yolen's book, Birds of a Feather. I also share student poetry.
- This month Mary Ann from Great Kid Books is sharing funny books and poetry. Gail Levine's newest book is a treat - such fun! It's perfect for kids who like a twist, something brief but perhaps unexpected.
- Renee LaTulippe of No Water River highlights just one of the 10 great poets who have created poetry videos to celebrate Poetry Month. Each post also includes an interview with the poet, so be sure to see who else stopped by this month!
- Camille from A Curious Thing features Forget-Me-Nots a fun new compilation of poetry for young children to enjoy and memorize.
- Greg from GottaBook features Bob Raczka's summation of poetry – one featured poet in his 30 Poets/30 Days which features a different poet/poem every day in April.            
-Melinda from Thinking in Rhyme is excited about all of the exciting happenings during National Poetry Month, but Poetry in Pocket is her most favorite!

Join us in May for another Carnival at Hope is the Word.


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