Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Home for Bird

A little over a month ago Philip and Erin Stead visited our quaint local children's library.  At the end of the visit, while signing copies of current books, we asked about what books they had forthcoming.  Philip told of his upcoming book - A Home for Bird.  Someone there had an ARC so Phillip flipped through the book while telling us the highlights of the story.  His excitement for this book was evident and in listening to him tell about it, I wanted to rush right out and grab a copy off of the shelves before they were all gone.

I have only seen the ARC flipped through quickly, but I can tell you this is a charming story of a toad, Vernon, and his friend, a suspiciously silent blue bird, and their search for a home for Bird.  It is not released until June but I am posting today because you really must head over to the fabulous blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for her latest post - an interview (of sorts) with Philip about A Home for Bird.

Really, it is the electronic version of sitting with Philip in a quaint library while he flips through an ARC  - only with more pictures and even greater backstory.  You don't want to miss this post and you will not want to miss A Home for Bird coming June 5th to a store near you . . .

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