Monday, April 16, 2012

The Boxcar Children

Gertrude Chandler Warner's The Boxcar Children was originally published in 1924.  I love the timeless nature of books.  I had no idea it was that old but remembered loving it as a child.  In looking for books for my almost seven year old daughter to read, I ran across an old copy at the library.  She was home sick one day and finished the entire book.  Nearly 90 years after its first publication - and she loved it.

It had been a long time since I had read the book, so I picked it up yesterday and re-read it as well.  It is such a fun book.  It tells the story of two sisters and two brothers whose parents have died.  They are to live with their grandfather, but they do not know him well and do not want to, so they run away from home.  Eventually, they find a boxcar in the woods to live in and make it their home.

This book is certainly old and presents a scenery not often present today, especially for urban children. However, I think it is a world that children today will love escaping to - adventures living in the forest where the children are in charge.  Pull this one out of your childhood reading stash or grab it from the library.

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Rachel said...

I think I have the complete series (too many to count). I even made my mom name our first dog Jessie Violet Rasband. Haha. Definitely a favorite.