Friday, September 23, 2011

Press Here

Originally published in France,  Herve Tullet’s Press Here is a very fun and interactive picture book.  The illustrations are simply dots – red, yellow and blue - and the text is basically instructions.  The story begins with one yellow dot – but push that dot and you have two yellow dots, press it again and you have three.  Then the fun really begins.  The reader is instructed to push and rub dots, shake and tilt the book and clap – all of which have an effect on the dots.  Whether the dynamic dots multiple, increase in size, or shake almost all the way off the page – kids will be thrilled. 

I brought Press Here in for a two-year-old friend to look at while we waited during a gymnastics class, and she was giddy about this book.  My four-year-old son also loved it.  I haven’t tried it out yet on my six-year-old yet but I think she will enjoy it as well.  And at the very least, I think she will love to play up the “magic” of the book when reading it to her brother and sister. 

This is a great book for a variety of ages but is especially magical for a younger audience.  I think it's going to be one of my new go-to gifts for two-year-olds.   

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