Monday, September 19, 2011


Argus is a new picture book written by Michelle Knudsen (The Library Lion) and illustrated by Andrea Wesson.  Sally begins a science project in Mrs. Henshaw's class, and when she is handed her egg, it is different from the others.  Not surprisingly, when the eggs crack, Sally's "chick" is - well - different. Everyone in the class has small, yellow,  fluffy chicks and Sally's is large, green and scaly.  When Sally points out that her "chick" - Argus - is different, Mrs. Henshaw tells her, "don't be difficult."  

The text tells the story of Sally dealing with being different from everyone in a very simple, straightforward and quietly humorous way.  The text leaves room for the illustrations to tell their own story.  And while the text largely tells the story of Sally, the illustrations speak mostly of Argus.  The watercolor drawings fill the classroom with details of daily school life and bring Argus's personality to the forefront.  

This is a sweet and funny story of being different.  Children will love Argus - the green, scaly "chick."

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Susan T. said...

Oooh, I loved Library Lion. Thanks for the heads up on the new book.