Monday, September 12, 2011

My Side of the Car

Last week on my son's fourth birthday we went to our favorite bookstore to pick out a book. We looked through and read a lot of books in search for one we were really excited about. One that we narrowed it down to, but he did not end up choosing, is My Side of the Car by father and daughter duo Jules and Kate Feiffer.  

I loved this book.  It is the story about a father and daughter who have been attempting a trip to the zoo for a very long time but things like grandparents and broken ankles keep getting in the way.  Finally one morning they get in the car and are going to the zoo - no matter what.  A few minutes into the drive the father tells the daughter that it is raining outside of the car but she quickly informs him that it is not raining on her side of the car.  So they keep driving. 

 What ensues is a fun story of a loving father and a persistent child who does not want rain to ruin her trip to the zoo.  This book is well illustrated in a colorful and free flowing style and is well written, clever and fun to read.  

My four year old and I both thoroughly enjoyed this new picture book.  


Sarajane said...

happy birthday B. four already? wow. so, what book did he choose?

AISB Library said...

I love the design of your blog. Glad to you posted about this boook - it looks like a great addition to the "fathers" collection. Always need more of those :)

Camille said...

He is four! Hard to believe. My side of the Car is a great addition to books with fathers - I was looking for one a few years back and they can be hard to come by - especially fathers and daughters. This is a fun one.