Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lady Lollipop

I have various blogs that I follow.  One that I like for creative activities with younger children is the blog Let's Explore.  About once a week she will post ideas from around the blogosphere and put some of her picks on children's books that they have read recently.  This is how I found Lady Lollipop, written by Dick King-Smith and illustrated by Jill Barton.  We spent our weekend reading this book and LOVED it.

It is a story about a spoiled Princess named Penelope who wants a pig.  And what Penelope wants, Penelope gets.  Lollipop, her new pig, is not just any pig though.  She is a trained pig.  She can sit and stand on command - but only from her (previous) owner Johnny Skinner.  So Johnny and the pig both move into the stables at the palace.  The story follows the clever Johnny Skinner and how he trains Lollipop to be a house pet and in the process trains Penelope as well.

The story is very well written and funny.   When I saw the illustrations I thought this must be a vintage book re-publsihed but it was published in 2001.  The illustrations are simple and reminiscent of the Dick and Jane era illustrations.  

I highly recommend this book.  I loved it and my daughter (5) did as well.  In fact as soon as we finished it this morning she asked if we could read it again.  I believe this is the first in a series of Lollipop books so I think we will need to visit the library again soon.

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AISB Library said...

It's great to read this because I have a whole series of these in my library and they never move. I will talk them up!