Monday, June 6, 2011

A few of my favorite . . .

Board Books

I am reintroducing myself to board books with my baby.  I love board books that have a rhythm to them and can almost be sung or danced to - it makes it very fun for the child.  Here are a couple of my favorite board books - what are some of yours?
My mother-in-law gave us this one and we love it. It has come apart from being read so much. The title alone tells you how great the text is and there is a "look and find" element as well.

I love Sandra Boynton's books. But this one is far and away our favorite. (Birthday Monsters is second). This book has a great rhythm, is silly and fun. Sing this book to your child while promenading around the room. It's really how it was meant to be read.

I love all of Dr. Seuss's books. They are so clever and fun. This is probably our favorite Dr. Seuss board book to read. It has a great rhythm and your kids can buzz, moo and cockadoodledoo.

A classic. I love the pictures, the text - it never grows old.


Rachel said...

Braydon's favorite ever: Belly Button Book. (which he excitedly pointed out to me today that you have it too!) (if you can't tell, I'm procrastinating all the things I need to do right now!)

lannandem said...

We just received the book "each peach pear plum" for our newborn baby and my 15 month old absolutely loves it and so do i. I now have it memorized and find myself saying it in my head when i'm up in the middle of the night with the little one. :) I love your blog Camille...books are the best!