Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Meadowview Street

When we go the library there are a few general rules:

1. Only one DVD
2. You can get as many books as you can reasonably carry.

Although my children have a hard time narrowing it down to only one DVD they love to pick out their own books.  They pick books off the shelves and begin their pile - sometimes previewing their selections and other times not.  This makes going to the library very exciting for them.  Sometimes we come home with great books and other times . . . well, let's just some are not our very favorites.

One book that made it home in our stash of books is On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole.  Caroline moves to a new house - on Meadowview Street - and is disappointed to find that there is not a meadow to be found.  One day when Caroline's dad is mowing the lawn Caroline spots a flower in the middle of the lawn.  Caroline quickly works to put up four small pieces of wood with string around the flower to preserve her small meadow.  Week by week Caroline tends to her meadow until she has created a small nature preserve - filled with ponds, trees and birds.

This is a charming story of a girl who works diligently on creating a space in nature and whose influence moves beyond the confines of her own yard.  The watercolor illustrations match the tone of the text creating a story that encourages children into the outdoors.

On Meadowview Street made it home by chance the first time but now my kids grab it every time they see it at the library.

**Henry Cole's website is very fun.  It has a lot of illustrations to look at and some fun puzzles, painting, and memory games to play as well.

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Rachel said...

that is a great rule. one dvd. i need to implement that... we always end up with way too many- angelina ballerina and bob the builder coming out our ears.