Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Friend Rabbit

A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Love Bug.  The Love Bug visits on Valentines Day and leaves a "web" of yarn.  My kids must weave their way through the web until they reach the end where they will find a surprise.  We are pretty sure that the Love Bug is a ladybug:

               The Love Bug - my 5 year old daughter

The Love Bug leaves us books.  One of the books the Love Bug left this year is My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann - a Caldecott Winner from 2003. 


This picture book tells the story from the viewpoint of Mouse about his friendship with Rabbit.  It begins, 
"My friend Rabbit means well.  But whatever he does, wherever he goes, trouble follows."
Rabbit and Mouse play with their toy airplane and get in and out, and in again, of trouble.  The story is told largely through illustrations with text accompanying some of the pages.  The illustrations are detailed, bright and humorous.  The text is simple and used only where needed to add to the meaning of the illustrations.  This book is very funny and a great book for children to "read" the illustrations. 

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valorie said...

This is a great book but the ladybug is marvelous by an enchanting young artist.