Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jenny and the Cat Club

A recent suggestion by our librarian is the book,  Jenny and the Cat Club by Esther Averill.  Originally published  in 1944 the book was re-published in 2003.  It has 5 different stories about Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club.  Jenny is a black cat who lives in Greenwich Village with Captain Tinker.  She is a shy cat but the red scarf the Captain made for her gives her courage.  There is a cat club that meets in the yard just outside of her window that Jenny longs to be a part of but to join the club you must "do" something - and she is concerned that she can not do anything special.  The stories follow Jenny Linsky and her adventures with her cat friends through simple text and the occasional illustration.

I read this book with my kids (5 and 3) over the course of a week and they loved it!  The personification of the cats is very fun and humorous.  I think this is a great read-loud for younger children or would be a fun read for a newly confident reader.


Sarajane said...

I love all of your ideas, thanks for sharing, please- keep them coming.

lannandem said...

Hi Camille! I'm so glad i just came across your blog link on SJ's blog...hope it's ok i'm taking a peek! Such a GREAT idea! I'm excited to make a trip to the library and check a bunch of these books out to read with our little one-we love books! Thanks.

00Tag said...

It's nice to see older books, like Jenny and the Cat Club, making a comeback. Many are very well written and tell timeless stories.