Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ruth Sanderson

Periodically I will have guest posts featuring other people's favorite authors and books.  Here is a post from Cara of Paperwhite:
 Ruth Sanderson is one of my favorite storybook authors and illustrators.  Her drawings are absolutely magical.  Her books include Cinderella, Snow Princess, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Rose Red and Snow White.  Her re-telling of classic fairy tales is superb, she consults various versions of the classics, like the Grimm version and the French version of Cinderella, to make her own adaptation of the stories.  While the story-telling is wonderful it is really her illustrations that make her story books magical.
 Ruth Sanderson's collection of children's books can be found on her website which you can access by clicking here.


Rachel said...

those illustrations are incredible!

debbie said...

Ruth Sanderson is fantastic. And for sheer gorgeousness, I also like Kinuko Craft.