Monday, January 17, 2011

Author blogs

Blogs are ubiquitous.  From blogs about our families, to design or literature blogs - there is a blog out there for everyone to read.  Included in the blogging world are many authors.  And if authors aren't blogging they almost certainly have a website.  In my posts on this blog, I will always include a link to the author or illustrator's blog or website if they have one.  I do this because I think there is a lot to be gained from viewing an author's blog or website:

1.  A lot of authors will blog about books they have read and liked.  If you have an author you like you may also like the books they suggest. 
2. Some authors write about the writing process and how they approach it.  This can give you greater insight into their writing process as well as help you if you want to write.  
3. Author's websites can have elements that kids enjoy and will get them excited about reading their books.  

Here are a few examples - 

- Shannon Hale has a very fun blog to read.  She is funny and discusses lots of current literary topics and gives book recommendations as well.  
- Kate DiCamillo has one of my very favorite "On Writing" Sections and I love her monthly (ish) writing posts as well.  
- Mo Willems has a very fun website for kids.  My kids enjoyed the games - Elephant and Piggie Dancing was a hit but the hot dog dress up game was their favorite.  With options like a bowling ball and dirty socks on a hot dog they were laughing hysterically.

These are just a few examples of authors on the internet.  On my sidebar I have added a section with Author Blogs/Websites so you can click through to them easily.  If you have a favorite author blog or website - let me know about it!

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