Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just across the Washington DC border in Kensington, MD is a quaint one room children's library.  The Noyes Library was built in 1893 and is older than the current Library of Congress by four years.  The library is filled with children's books, dvds, puzzles, toys and a coloring station.  This is our favorite library to frequent because it is so inviting for young children.  My daughter loves to color a picture and then ask the librarian for a book about dogs, or horses or fairies.  The librarian helps her find the books while explaining to her how the library is set up and how to find books.

Libraries (and librarians) are such an important resource for children.  Libraries offer a wide selection of books, and librarians can supply a vast amount of knowledge on which ones a child may like.  I know that with budget cuts many libraries are struggling and facing shorter hours, possible closure and fewer new books.  This week a lot of the books I will feature in my posts will be books that we have found at the library either by chance or by a suggestion from our librarian.
Do you have a library you love to frequent?

image from Noyes Library Foundation

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