Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Princess Posey and the Next-Door Dog

My daughter saw Princess Posey and the Next Door Dog, written by Stephanie Greene, at the library and checked it out on Saturday.  By nightfall she had finished it.  This is actually the third book in a series of books about Posey.  Posey is in first grade, and she wants a dog.  There is a class assignment to write a story about a pet you own, or want to own, and Posey wishes she had her own pet to write about.  When a new neighbor moves in next door with a dog, Posey decides to investigate.

This is a fun chapter book series for the emerging chapter book reader.  After my daughter finished it she told me, "It's like this book could be about me.  I am in first grade, I am a girl and I love dogs!" I try to label all of my posts into categories - picture books, young adult, emerging readers, etc. so if you want to search my site for a certain type of book you can.  I have added a new label entitled "books my kids love" - for books I highlight due to my children's *love* of them.  It is fun to see a child get excited about reading - and this book certainly accomplished that at our house!

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Even in Australia said...

These look so sweet! I just looked up the first one in the series and it looks perfect for my 1st grader who had her own struggles with walking into school herself this year.