Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cybils Announced

The Cybils awards were announced this morning!  Check out their website to find out the winners in every genre of children's literature.  I was lucky to be one of the final judges for the fiction picture book genre and the winner for that category is Me . . . Jane by Patrick McDonnell.

This is such a fantastic picture book.  Here is the write up found on the Cybils blog:

Me...Jane is a touching glimpse into the life of a young Jane Goodall as a curious girl with a love of nature, and books, and a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee. A unique combination of dreamy watercolor vignettes and nature-inspired vintage engravings complement a simple and evocative text. Every element of the book's design, from its album-like cover and heavy yellowed pages to the inclusion of photographs and Goodall's own childhood drawings, helps create a picture book that feels like a relative's cherished scrapbook. Readers of all ages will take inspiration from a young girl who so fully follows her dreams.

One interesting thing to note about this book is that even though it is about Jane Goodall it is classified as fiction, rather than non-fiction.  It is a book that somehow straddles the line of fiction and non-fiction and tells the story of a young Jane Goodall in a very accessible manner to all ages.  Find this book - you will not be disappointed.  

Also, today is International Book Giving Day - read more about it here - and give a book to a child today!

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