Sunday, December 4, 2011


Neville, written by Norton Juster and illustrated by G. Brian Karas, is delightfully funny.  The story begins with a mother giving a young boy a pep talk after having just moved.  You can do it!  Go make friends!  But this boy is not buying it.  He sulks out the front door, walks down the street and yells at the top of his lungs, "Neville!" He keeps on yelling "Neville" until a little boy comes out of his house to help, then a little girl starts coaching him on how to yell better, and louder and more in unison.  Pretty soon all of the neighborhood kids are out yelling and searching for Neville - but he is no where to be found.  

This book is a clever take on being the new kid.  It is well written and very humorous.  The illustrations fit the tone of the story perfectly.  I really enjoyed this book and think kids will love it too.  This is the perfect gift for a friend who is moving - but regardless of whether a child is recently moved or permanently placed - all will love Norton Juster's latest book.  


Jordan and Emily said...

This book looks great- we are going to have to pick it up at the library. (after I pay off my late fees:) We need to chat! Jordan said you are reviewing books for ??? I forgot. But it sounds awesome! Free books?!? Your kids must love you and all the new books they have around!

Debbie said...

This book sounds great! I really like the cover. It kind of makes me want to stick my head into the hallway of my apartment building and yell, "NEVILLE!"