Monday, November 7, 2011

Gator or Croc?

The last time we went to the library my four-year-old son came home with two non-fiction books that he picked.  With pictures of a crocodile and koala on the front of them I can see why he was so excited. 

 The first book was Gator or Croc? by Allan Fowler and it is a part of the Rookie Read-About Science series.  This book is great because it is filled with pictures of crocodiles and alligators with simple text.  The book uses the pictures and text together to demonstrate the difference between alligators and crocodiles - you can see the bottom teeth of a crocodile when its jaws are closed - you can't on alligators.  My son has asked for this book to be read numerous times - it has been fun to learn more about alligators and crocodiles.  I definitely will look for more books in this series at the library.  

The second book he chose was Koala by Edana Eckart - a part of the Scholastic Welcome Books: Animals of the World.  We also really enjoyed this book.  My son was very excited to learn that koalas have some similarities to kangaroos.  This is also filled with great pictures and simple text - more simple and less words than the other series.   

These short books are a great way to learn about a variety of subjects in a quick, informative and interesting way.  I think my son was especially excited about them because he picked them off of the shelf himself.  I think the limited text is key for the preschool age group - a lot of text would have lost my son's attention - but these were perfect.  

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