Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Mouse's BIG Secret

On Saturday night, at the end of our date, my husband and I got a big frozen yogurt and headed to the bookstore to peruse.  We are nerds, what can I say.  While my husband read up on dogs (and reconfirmed to himself that labs are indeed a great breed) I looked through the children's section.  I came upon this really fun book - Little Mouse's BIG Secret by Eric Battut.   First, I was excited because Eric Battut is French and lives in France.  And we love all things French in our house.

The story is extremely simple.  The same line is repeated over and over throughout the story.  All of Little Mouse's friends want to know what the Big secret is, but Mouse answers over and over again "It's my secret, and I'll never tell."  It is the illustrations that tell the story in this book and if young readers watch carefully they will know mouse's big secret early on.  It is then humorous to watch as the animals question mouse about his secret - not knowing - and he answers - thinking he is hiding his BIG secret.  This is a story that younger kids will love.  It is always fun to be in on a good secret.

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