Monday, March 7, 2011

Stokes Field Guide to Birds

Nothing says "springtime" like birds chirping outside the window.  Our birds are beginning to chirp: the prelude to spring in our area.  At our house, we love to press our noses up to the window and watch the birds come and eat our birdseed.  But watching them is simply not enough.  My children want to know what kind of bird each one is.  So we have purchased Stokes Field Guide to Birds as our personal bird guide for deciphering which birds are which.

Although this is not a children's book, it is very child friendly.  It breaks birds up into groupings and once I flip to the grouping my children are able to look through the pictures to try and figure out which bird is at our feeder.  We LOVE this book.  It is so fun to learn more about the birds in our area.  We have the Eastern Region because we live on the East Coast but you can find one for wherever you live!

Happy Springtime Birdwatching!

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